Dario Glucose Meter Starter Kit Reviews, Price, Benefits & Where to Buy?

Monitor your blood Glucose levels with Dario Smart Glucose Meter

If you are carrying those bulky, big diabetes kits with you, then you should say goodbye to all of them because the Dario Glucose Meter would fit perfectly into your purse or pocket. Dario Glucose is mainly designed with you in mind. It is very simple in use and has a perfect design, which can change the landscape of what glucose meter looks like.

You would be embedded with the lancing device, the strips, and meter into a pocket-sized and comfortable device which are good for your on-the-go lifestyle. You would be able to check your blood glucose levels in seconds, accurately and quickly directly on your phone.

What do you like about the Dario?

Maintain a record

Dario automatically maintains a record of your entire diabetes history. It would help you in monitoring your overall progress by accessing your logbook easily; charts and timeline would at the button tap. You do not have to download your meter again.

Once using the Dario device, you would have actionable numbers in front of you which can help you in preparing for low and high blood glucose levels. Whether it be related to exercise, meal or any other day in your life. Dario glucose meter would help you in seeing your blood glucose measurement in a perfect manner.

Unique Design

The Dario Glucose Meter’s unique design integrates and compacts directly with your mobile phone allowing you to easily and monitor your blood glucose and much more on your smartphone. It meets the 2013 ISO standards for blood glucose meter accuracy.

Sharing with your loved ones

Does your son have diabetes? If yes, then you do not have to worry about it because Dario application can easily share real-time information with your loved ones. You would be able to send charts, blood glucose levels, and statistics to your healthcare team directly.

The feature of Emergency hypo alerts

To get more safety level, the Dario system is having an emergency hypo alert feature for you. After enabling it on your smartphone, Dario would send a text message to four people with your blood glucose level and a link where you are using your mobile’s GPS coordinates.

It would be better for you to use this safety feature if your loved one has hypo issues. You can go anywhere, anytime without any worries.

What do not you like?

  • For those who are not having strong fingers would face problem while opening the container.
  • You can use it with a mobile device only. If you are not using your phone, then you would never know anything about it. For any information, you would be depending on your smartphone.

Reviews of the users

Here are some of the reviews shared by the users all around the world by experiencing the benefits by using Dario Glucose Meter

  • Stacy – “This product has helped me in testing my sugars within 10 seconds easily without any problem. Till now I have not faced any problem with this device. I have been using it for more than 6 months now”.
  • Jacobs –“It has given me the freedom to handle everything on my own by using my smartphone. So, thank you so much for this great technology”.
  • Alexia –“I think it is going to be the best device in the coming days due to its great features and functions. I would suggest this device to every person on this earth suffering from the diabetes problem. This device would give benefits to them for sure”.

Installation and Testing

For using this device, you need to download the Dario Application from the AppStore. You can simply do this by searching “Dario” on the AppStore. While going through the first use of application, you would be able to scroll through the start guide. After going through it, you would notice the home screen.

At the application center, you would be required to insert the smart meter and record your BG level. You can save and record all your additional information within the application itself such as insulin, physical activity, carbs or any vital information which may prove useful at the time of reviewing your readings.

The testing process is very simple. After inserting the smart reader into your smartphone, you would be required to insert one of the test strips. Make sure are using the lancer to draw a small drop of blood. You should touch the blood drop against the test strip edge and the device will be showing your results (it would take only 5 seconds, which is not a long anyway).

After testing, your mmol/L will be shown on screen, and once readings have been done an average would be shown at the screen bottom. The process is painless and provides an efficient and easy way of checking your blood glucose levels on a regular basis without any problem. The Dario is an extremely portable and useful device for anyone going through the problem of diabetes.

Where to buy it?

For those suffering from diabetes problem should buy this product for their better health. The product is not expensive at all and easily affordable for everyone. You can buy it online from the Dario website at the best price. Sometimes they also offer discounts to their users in their limited-time offer.

If you have not used it before, then give a try and see the unique features it offers. You would be amazed by having this on your smartphone. It has a user-friendly interface and you would not face any type of problem while accessing it.

This product is available online on the Dario website only. The company also provides a subscription plan which can send you an unlimited number of strips per month.

So, buy it now and see the benefits soon!

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