B Tight by Maelys – Get Tighter and Smoother Booty Now!

sB-Tight by MaelysIt is the dream of every woman to look attractive and have bikini style figure. But, not women are lucky to have the slim figure and they feel embarrassed in wearing bikini because of their large and over size booty and thighs. This is caused because of increasing weight and excessive accumulation of cellulite in booty and thighs. B Tight by Maelys is the booty tightening formula designed to reduce the excessive cellulite and make your booty firmer and tighter. It lifts the booty and makes your thighs slimmer and hence you can enjoy the summer months wearing your favourite bikini.

B Tight by Maelys is the revolutionary cosmetic formula designed to reduce the excessive cellulite from your booty and thigh region. This way it enables you to wear your favourite bikini in summer months. It also tightens and restores the skin texture and firmness and boosts the metabolism of the fat cells in your booty. Its is very effective in burning off the excessive fat cells and promotes healthy weight loss. It adds volume and elasticity to your skin and ensures to deliver you firmer and tighter skin. The formula helps you to maintain appealing and slim figure and makes your body bikini perfect.

How Does B Tight by Maelys Works?

B Tight by Maelys is the booty mask which is designed to work efficiently in making your booty firmer and slimmer. It is the formula which works by increasing the metabolism of your fat cells in body and this way it burns off the excessive fat deposits in your booty and thighs. Its also increases the circulation of blood which helps in boosting metabolism and this also helps in triggering the thermal genesis process which generates heat to burn off the fat cells. It also works to reduce the level of cellulite in body and prevents further accumulation of fat cells in body.

B Tight by Maelys comprises the unique combination of ingredients and it works to make the buttock region slimmer and smoother. The ingredients in the formula stimulate the breakdown of the fat cells and burns off the existing fat deposited in your thighs and booty region over the years.

What are the Key Components of B Tight by Maelys?

  • Pink Pepperslim – This is effective fat burner which helps in reducing lipid and also acts as the slimming active. It also boosts metabolism to burn off the fat cells.
  • Red Grapefruit Oil – This is the ingredient that reduces the further deposition of the fat cells in body and regulates the process to reduce cellulite level. This helps you to achieve fuller, firmer and attractive booty.
  • Ecoslim – This is the concentration of caffeine extract which promote effective metabolism and helps in removing toxin build-up in your body
  • Guarana – This is the ingredient that stimulates the burning process of fat cells in body             


  • B Tight by Maelys makes your booty tighter and smoother
  • Reduces the excessive cellulite accumulation
  • Tightens the skin and restore the youthful look
  • Boosts metabolism instantly
  • Works as fat burner
  • Increases skin elasticity and firmness


  • Not available for purchase offline
  • Consulting doctor is necessary
  • Must be used as prescribed to avoid complications
  • Not suitable for women below 18 years

How to Use B Tight by Maelys?

Apply sufficient amount of the formula on thighs and booty and wait till you feel the warmth sensation. Massage the formula on the skin for few minutes until it get absorbed. Apply it twice daily for effective results in 2-3 months.

Where to Order B Tight by Maelys?

Ordering of B Tight by Maelys is only possible online and interested buyers are required to visit the website to place order.

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